Building effective relationships

We believe we distinguish ourselves from other firms in the alternative investment market and add value to both fund managers and investor contacts: as conveyors of information; as fund selectors; and as investors in our own right.


We limit our marketing and capital raising services to a select number of fund managers at any one time, enabling us to focus on the needs of each individual manager and the way their fund relates to the investment objectives of our investor contacts.

We work closely with fund managers on an ongoing basis with the intention to disseminate clear, timely, and detailed reports to our investor contacts. When an investor contact has a question, we seek to respond quickly and thoroughly.


Our lean and focused approach to fund selection enables us to make the investment process extremely efficient in an industry where many marketing professionals routinely represent dozens of funds at a time. With our extensive knowledge of the fund, we are able to provide follow-up support with little help from the manager. And because of our strong investor relationships, we're able to facilitate the process and follow up on investor meetings for prompt and direct feedback. We respect the time and priorities of the people on both sides of the business, benefiting all concerned.