Accessibility to an Established Team
Speed to Market

  • You gain access to a team of marketing professionals without incurring the costs associated with training, supporting and managing a marketing team. Because of our full service approach, you are able to devote more time to portfolio management.
  • You gain access to deep and trusting investor relationships built through years of quality service provided by our professionals. Our investor contacts expect us to bring high quality pre-screened opportunities to them, so a manager's time is well spent.
  • We create marketing materials and strengthen your presentation skills to optimally position and differentiate your fund with potential investors.
  • Your target market is tightly defined and your marketing process is streamlined. We assist with ongoing communications to the investor base.
  • Population of communication with and consultation and investor databases which are used in manager searches.


Proven Due Diligence
Managers' Accessibility

  • We conduct extensive due diligence before representing a manager.
  • We represent funds and managers that you might not discover on your own, and keep you informed of their monthly progress.
  • We facilitate calls and meetings with fund managers.
  • We work with managers to provide you with thorough, timely, and detailed information to assist in your own manager/fund assessment/due diligence process.
  • We maintain personal investor information in strict confidence.