Integrity, Trust, Quality: characteristics essential to the long-term success of every financial services marketing firm.




At Perkins Fund Marketing, we believe in providing the highest level of marketing services and seek to eliminate potential conflicts of interest. We choose our business partners carefully. Establishing the following guidelines has helped us meet managers' needs and build a foundation for successful long-term relationships:

  • We do not simultaneously market multiple managers with substantially similar strategies.
  • We limit the number of funds we represent at any given time.
  • We seek to represent managers that meet the needs of our investor contacts.

This philosophy steers our firm toward very specific objectives with regard to gathering and communicating information. Because we seek to thoroughly understand each fund we market, we limit the number of funds we actively represent. This allows us to make more effective use of our managers' and investor contacts' time. Each of our professionals is responsible for developing a comprehensive knowledge of the funds we represent and for facilitating the dissemination of clear, timely, and detailed information on each fund and its performance to our investor contacts.

Our method of selecting and working with fund managers, is intended to ensure proper screening of selected funds, mutually beneficial marketing strategies, effective three-way interaction with fund managers and investor contacts, and an ongoing relationship with investor contacts. Strict adherence to our guidelines ensures that the intention and realization of our philosophy remain intact.