• 2023 S&P 500 Hindsight
    2023 was a complete reversal from 2022 in performance for most long only strategies with the notable geographic exception of China. Hedge funds did their job generally and a good number posted exceptional returns. On a market cap weighted basis, the “magnificent seven” were up 70% for the year – while the remaining stocks generated […]
  • Conference Strategy Best Practices 2024
    As we start 2024, it is important to give some thought and structure to how you approach conferences, especially the 1:1 speed dating formats. Most have 30-minute meeting slots so how you optimize your time slots is imperative. Here are some best practices to follow to generate the most ROI from your meetings with investors. […]
  • 2022 S&P 500 Hindsight
    2022 S&P 500 Hindsight 2022 was a lost year for most long only strategies with notable and significant sector and geographic exceptions. Hedge funds overall generated alpha and a good number posted very good returns. Violent swings and a wide dispersion of returns was once again the norm. The total market value of the S&P […]
  • What is “Institutional Quality”?
    What is “Institutional Quality”? From single family offices on up through to large public pension plans and even sovereign wealth funds, investors (allocators) are much more likely to engage with investment managers who have some degree of institutional pedigree, polish, credibility, and professionalism. Investors do this as a way to “de-risk” their initial investment allocation and […]
  • 2022 H1 Hindsight and Returns Dispersion
    For the S&P 500, 1H2022 was the worst in 50 years. For fixed income, 1H2022 was the worst on record. Long only growth strategies suffered. Hedge funds, on average, provided meaningful alpha. More miserable than the 1st half of 2020, almost 80% of the S&P component stocks were negative. In fact, only 110 of the […]
      12 July 2021 Douglas Newsome   Pre-investor Outreach / Targeting Investors The first and the foremost step of the outreach process is to understand the investor’s needs, risk-taking capacity, tax status and values.  Are your missions aligned? Does the investor require significant handholding before/during/after an investment? Does the investor have a “partnership mindset” with its active […]
  • 2020 S&P 500 Hindsight
    2020 was probably the most unusual year in the market in my 35-year career. Violent swings and a wide dispersion of returns was the norm. In the first half, 70% of the S&P component stocks were negative yet roughly 64% turned out positive, including dividends, for the full year. From the index perspective, by far […]
  • 2020 H1 Hindsight and Returns Dispersion
    For the markets as a whole and the S&P 500 in particular, the first half was a period of wide dispersion and the continuing tale of growth stocks outperforming value stocks. 70% of the component stocks were negative while only 150 of the S&P 500 stocks were positive year-to-date, including dividends. Thus, the average S&P […]
  • 2020 Q1 Hindsight
    2020 Q1 Hindsight Over the past five calendar years, the S&P 500 has generated an average annual total return of 12% on a capital weighted basis. While the composition of best performing stocks varied yearly, approximately ½ of the stocks in the S&P beat the index return and ½ lagged it on any given year. […]
  • Perfect 2020 Foresight
    Perfect 2020 Foresight Since it is the year “2020”, I thought it would be fun to look at what investment returns would have been generated by perfectly prescient stock picking over the past five years.  What if you had perfect foresight on January 1st each year and created a portfolio of the top stocks for […]
  • Ten Common Goals of Active Investment Managers and their Investors
    If one were to believe everything they read, one might believe investment managers and their investor clients come from two different planets.  While there are real differences –  over the long haul – both are investors with similar goals. Produce Attractive Absolute Returns.  Active managers are paid to compound returns – not to replicate an […]
  • Ten Things that Managers Should Remember When Meeting with a Potential Investor
      Every manager that we work with at Perkins Fund Marketing asks us hundreds of questions during a marketing assignment seeking advice, tips, best practices, etc. The following are just a few helpful tips for managers to consider during fundraising. 1. You are Asking the Investor for their Money so… Be Prepared! (a) There is […]